The “Q” Flow Center

Q Flow Center - Q Energy Systems

The QT Flow Center is designed to provide long, and reliable operation in an attractive cabinet, while providing installation and service benefits. The stylish rugged insulated cabinet provides for flexible installation without feeling the need to hide it out of sight. The QT Flow Centers are a standard loop field pump center with all Q Energy Systems Equipment.

The non-pressurized QT Flow Center pumping station is unlike other pump protection devices. For instance, the QT Flow Center includes a built-in pump protection feature that eliminates the need for a flush cart when filling and flushing a closed-loop system when your manifolds are terminated indoors. And since it is non- pressurized, it allows you to add fluids like anti-freeze or water, while automatically eliminating air from the closed loop system. No more “bumping loop field pressures” like you have to do with pressurized loop field. The real BONUS IS “NO AIR LOCKED LOOP FIELDS”.

Installation is simple. Just connect the return line from an earth loop to the QT Flow Center, than connect a supply line from the QT flow center to the Q Energy heat pump unit. Q Energy also offers a flow meter tool, an exclusive service tool, which provides a direct and accurate reading of the systems flow rate, and eliminating the uncertainty associated with current methods such as using pressure drop to determine your flow rate. As we all know Flow Rate through the system has a direct effect on its output, so it’s just better to know for sure.

The QT system includes a self-sealing feature that keeps dirt & debris out and water in. For you, that means trouble-free operation, easier installation, and fewer call backs. This also means added reliability for the homeowner. In addition, adding anti-freeze is easy, just remove the self-sealing lid and pour it into the air elimination chamber. Since the only moving parts are the pumps, service is minimal.


Features of the “Q” Flow Center

  • Rugged insulated cabinet.
  • Standard loop field pump center with a “Q” Energy Systems equipment.
  • Built-in pump protection feature.
  • No air locked loop fields.
  • Simple installation.
  • Includes a flow meter tool – exclusive to the “Q”.
  • Self-sealing feature that keeps dirt & debris out resulting in minimal service.

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